Small Business Health & Safety Plans

Accidents at work place is happening everyday across the country. When people are trying to make a living it is not fair that they get injured. They may not even get proper compensation for their injuries and finding another work after will not be easy. Companies can reduce these injuries if they have an effective work place safety plans and training in place.

Many business owners may not realize but they are responsible for identifying the dangers in work place and finding solutions to deal with them and train the staff. They are supposed to share these guidelines they set up with their employees and have sessions to discuss them. According to the health and safety executive, service industry like restaurants and hotels are places people have the most accidents. It may be simple enough to prevent them but you have to take action to see results.

health & safety guidelinesInjuries cost to everyone involved including the workers, business and insurers. Every business should have employer and business liability policies and it may be mandatory to buy this coverage depending on where you live. If you opened your doors for trading and have staff to deal with customers you have opened for accidents also. Anyone can trip and fall in almost any surface and suffer from it. You will be held responsible for those incidents.

You may have a lot of dreams about your business success but they may be short lived. One accident can cost enough to take you under and close. On average dealing with one accident claim cost about $70,000 and not many people have that sort of cash when they start first time. That is why it becomes extra important to get insured properly even before you open your doors.

There are indirect costs of these incidents as well. They reduce staff moral and it may even cost frictions between the management and workers. Then, you will have to deal with its consequences of difficulty in retaining workers and need to keep training them. Staff turnaround can be a real problem for small businesses. Every so often needing to find a new member and training him/her creates a distraction from your daily activities.

These problems can be prevented by taking some time and finding out about common work place dangers in your industry. You can then proceed to write an health and safety plan for your work place and share this with your employees. There are a few ready made plans available for many industries. All you have to do is to find them and make adjustments according to your business needs. You may be able to find readily available guidelines and signs for your line of work.

There are companies and stationary shops that sell these work place safety boards for many lines. For example, you can easily find picture explanations about how to lift heavy boxes, kitchen hygienic and safety and operating dangerous machinery. Some of those machines will come with safety guidelines that you can laminate and hang next to it. For example, a simple meet slicing machine can cause serious injuries if you let untrained workers use them without making sure the guards are in place.

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