Filing a Police Report & Low Auto Insurance Rates

You have just had an accident involving other cars and drivers. Do you call the police immediately or work it out between yourselves? There are a few measures to look at to determine the answer. First of all, you will need to let the police know and call other emergency services if there are injuries in the accident. This is not a choice since the claims following accidents can be big.

emergency services at crash sceneFurthermore, some states require you to inform the authorities in certain accidents. Failing to do so may result in a fine and a ticket. There is a chance that there may be tickets issued after police arrive to the scene. If any driver has broken the traffic laws that lead to accidents that driver may get a ticket or even taken to court.

Getting a ticket following an accident can be influential in the way the claims are settled. Getting a ticket is indication of fault at the accident and therefore auto insurance companies will take that into account when they are determining which party should be hold accountable for the compensation of losses and injuries.

You are required to call the police if the crash has happened in the middle of the road and blocking it. The other drivers and road users have to be warned of the incident as soon as possible and therefore it is important to call authorities to the scene. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the follow on crashes as well.

When you have a fender bender and the cars are out of the way even you call police may not come to the scene. They may advise you to deal between yourselves. However, your call will be recorded and you cannot be blamed for not informing them in the future. It may be a good idea to report the incident anyway and let them decide what to do about it. Sometimes, there may be an officer nearby that can come anyway.

Once the accident is reported to police it is in the system and your insurer or others you apply for quotations in the future will be able to see it. So, you cannot keep quiet about it and settle the damages between yourselves. Even you do so, it may not help in your efforts to refrain from making a claim so that your auto insurance rates don’t increase.

The reports prepared by the officers will be influential document in dealing with any claims. What you or the other driver tell may not match and you both may tend to blame each other. Then, third party accounts like the reports and witness statements will be more telling than your own statement.

You should still give a good account of the incident as you were the party who has seen it unfolding. This will help your insurer fend off any claims against you. This can result in lower or no claim payments depending on who is at fault. In return you may get to keep your low car insurance premiums for a little longer.

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