Anti-Theft Devices Can Save on Auto Insurance Costs

It is an unpleasant experience to have your vehicle stolen or home burglarized. In most cases the measures people take against such incidents like burglar alarms work as a deterrent for criminals. They think twice before attempting to break in or steal anything from you. This point is highly valuable to auto insurers when they are setting their rates.

secure your automobileStatistically, the cars that are easy to break in are the ones that are stolen most. When it is easy to break in even the kids on the street try it for fun. Not every theft is organized and planned ahead. Quite a few of them happens on a chance. They see an opportunity and they take it. That is why quite a few cars are actually stolen when the keys are left on the ignition. Once you lose the vehicle it does not matter that a criminal stripped it and sold or a kid crashed it onto a lamp post.

It is granted that expensive high end automobiles are the ones most thieves dream to get away with. However, it remains to be dream as these ones require top notch knowledge, expertise and daring to even try. High security features installed in them are hard to break. Even they break into the vehicle it is not easy to get them going. Suppose they passed that step as well, they are then tracked with satellite devices that it is hard to get far without being caught.

Auto owners should consider getting securer automobiles in the first place. If not, they should look into installing them. Generally they are considered in three steps.

Alarm Systems: Installing an alarm in a vehicle deters any attempts to break in. Why would they try yours when they have easier targets on the same road? Today most cars come with alarms but you can install even more complicated ones if you want.

Immobilizers: Can you imagine thieves trying to get a car going while alarm is blazing in the same time? There are various immobilizers in the market today. Many cars require the engine key for the steering wheel to function these days. There is not much point passing the alarm if you are not going to be able to break the immobilizers as well.

Tracking Devices: If all fails and they took the auto it can be tracked thanks to satellite devices installed in them. What is the point in going through all those troubles if you are going to be found out quickly with the stolen vehicle?

Many people think that it is much more expensive to insure a new car. However, this may not be the case as they get considerable discounts for the latest safety and security features they have. If thieves notice auto insurers notice as well. When the chance of them paying for a claim is lower the premium goes down as well.

It pays to shop around for the safest and securest car you can afford. They protect themselves better against intruders. They also protect your family better in case of accidents thanks to latest features like advanced airbags and seatbelts.

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Where Automobiles Are Parked and Insurance Implications

There are many factors considered when you are getting a quotation to insure your auto. Some of them are important and most people know about them. But people can be under the impression that some other details may not be noticed. You don’t want to take chances with your coverage in any case even it saves you money in the short term.

vehicle storageWhen you get a vehicle insurance quote it’ll be primarily based on the responses to many questions that you might or might not understand the meaning. One of those questions would be about where you park your automobile. This isn’t to ask if you store the auto anywhere to keep it spotless and safe from harm, but to ask where the car is stored pretty frequently. This question can have a significant effect on your chances of getting cheap car insurance rates. But just as significantly, car storage may cause your auto to be excluded if you are not fair.

The first part of the auto storage query on an a quote form is the issue of where the auto is parked from a geographical sense. A vehicle insurer will ask for the address where the auto is stored so they can get an understanding of the area in which you live and what’s possible in this area. Rates of crime or traffic accident rates might be considered primarily based on different tools accessible to the auto insurance corporation.

If you live in an area with higher crime and vandalism, you are probably going to end up paying more for the premium than somebody who resides in a well-protected area. Auto insurers must do this to represent the chance concerned in insuring vehicles in a place where a claim is more likely to be made.

The lower the possibilities that you may register a claim the more you will save on your policy coverage. The following part of the automobile storage question that’s vital with an automobile insurance quote is the way in which the it is placed in the area of storage.

Some automobile insurance corporations will go detailed to the point at which they are going to ask if the auto is held in a garage, under a carport or just in the drive. Generally, the less protected your auto is the more you will pay in terms of premiums because of the increased risks of damage, theft, vandalism and accidental damage.

When getting a car insurance quote it’s very important to tell the truth about your auto storage to avoid having your auto excluded in certain circumstances. You can read about similar topics, advises smart ideas and answers on our forum which is a great online cheap auto insurance source. It is best to be informed about how your policy coverage is arranged, premiums calculated and what companies think when you have a claim.

Your automobile insurer can do an inquiry when they feel something isn’t right. For example, you do not want an adjuster showing up to your house that hasn’t got a garage if you listed your automobile as being kept in a garage at the start. Lying to your insurance firm will actually make you lose cash and possibly face policy cancellation or action in the courts.

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How to Keep Auto Insurance Low when Retired

Our auto insurance rates go through stages like we do in life span. We may need to be in our forties before we can get the best possible rates providing we have a clean driving history and no recent claim. When you look at it like this it may look pointless trying to get on the good grace of car insurers. However, you will get whacked with high premiums if you don’t make an effort to qualify for as many discounts as possible.

When you are a teenager you could care less about your premium depending on who pays for it and how rich your parents are. If you do care, there are ways to keep costs down. You may need to be a good student at school or pass advance driving courses to qualify additional savings. There are other methods of finding great deal policies for youngsters.

older driversThe higher the premium the more valuable are the discounts. When you have cheap automobile insurance rates already a five percent rate cuts may mean only a hundred bucks or less. But when you are paying in thousands a five percent saving would mean a lot more money. So, you have got to try harder.

You should shop around for the best deals, get quotes and compare them until you are fully satisfied with the outcome. You can look at saving money by being a member of a recovery service or paying premiums in full. These small savings becomes twenty to thirty percent overall discounts before you know it. That would be great on a teenage premium costs.

You may be treated just like a teenager when you are over sixty five years old and start seeing increase in your premium. They have these statistical figures that show older people are having more accidents. This makes you show them that you are not one of those older drivers who doesn’t look after himself/herself and improve on driving skills.

Luckily there are ways to show that you are a safe driver and lower risk. You can take a safer driver courses and quickly get about ten percent discounts. These courses take about a day and you can find a center nearby you. As well as the savings you would be improving your driving and keeping safe.

Luckily most states allow discounts after finishing a safer driver course if you are over 55 years old. And most companies offer them. This makes it a very useful and quick way of keeping your automobile insurance costs low. In a way it counteracts against the possible increases you will face due to your progressing age.

Another good way of keeping the premiums low at a mature age is to communicate with your insurer properly. They wouldn’t know that you are driving much less now since commute is taken out of the equation. You would normally be traveling less unless you have taken a country wide exploring tours. Most senior drivers keep their autos for doing grocery, going to doctor appointments and visiting family. This low mileage life style can save you another ten percent or so on premiums.

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The Value of Proper Auto Insurance Information

There may a  lot of information noise about vehicle insurance policies, insurers and cover. Everyone feels entitled to talk about the subject regardless of their expertise or knowledge. However, you should be able to quickly understand if someone is talking rubbish or knows something and just sharing with you. If you have been arranging coverage for some time you should know enough to understand and judge what is likely to be true.

Generally, it is not hard to understand policy documents, wordings and implications. However, these are still contractual agreements and it is not based on what you understood it meant. It has its own terminology and logic to follow that you should not assume to understand. There is no shame in not knowing something. We cannot be experts in everything after all.

car insurance questionsTherefore, you should go direct to the source if you want to find out about it. You can call your insurer or agent anytime you want these days. Many larger companies provide 24 hour phone services to their customers. They are there to answer your questions. Call them and find out what is the exact position.

This will give you the opportunity to make amendments not only to your knowledge base but also to your policy. When you are talking to them and realize that you don’t have the coverage you thought you have you can do something about it. You can get a quote and find out how much it is going to cost you to add new coverage.

This could work the opposite way as well. You may realize that you really don’t need a particular addition to your policy. You can get them cancel it and issue you a refund. So, it is good to have an inquiring mind and go after the correct information from the actual source. Nobody will laugh at you or tell you off for asking silly questions. But they are not generally silly questions and these people are used to dealing with all sorts of inquiries.

Another great source of car insurance information is independent brokers. They don’t just provide information but they offer help and advise. You can ask them about companies, how they are in handling claims and would they be a good outfit to be insured. Brokers are educated on the subject they are dealing with and furthermore they have tons of experience dealing with various vehicle insurers.

For example, you can call your broker after a fender bender and discuss your options. He can tell you if the company is going to pay for the damages and calculate how much you will receive after the deductibles. This information remains between you and him/her if you prefer it to be that way. Otherwise they can communicate with the insurer on your behalf.

The internet is a good source of information as well in many different topics. But you need to research on it just like finding the right book in the library. Not every piece of details are accurate and you cannot rely on every source.

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Filing a Police Report & Low Auto Insurance Rates

You have just had an accident involving other cars and drivers. Do you call the police immediately or work it out between yourselves? There are a few measures to look at to determine the answer. First of all, you will need to let the police know and call other emergency services if there are injuries in the accident. This is not a choice since the claims following accidents can be big.

emergency services at crash sceneFurthermore, some states require you to inform the authorities in certain accidents. Failing to do so may result in a fine and a ticket. There is a chance that there may be tickets issued after police arrive to the scene. If any driver has broken the traffic laws that lead to accidents that driver may get a ticket or even taken to court.

Getting a ticket following an accident can be influential in the way the claims are settled. Getting a ticket is indication of fault at the accident and therefore auto insurance companies will take that into account when they are determining which party should be hold accountable for the compensation of losses and injuries.

You are required to call the police if the crash has happened in the middle of the road and blocking it. The other drivers and road users have to be warned of the incident as soon as possible and therefore it is important to call authorities to the scene. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the follow on crashes as well.

When you have a fender bender and the cars are out of the way even you call police may not come to the scene. They may advise you to deal between yourselves. However, your call will be recorded and you cannot be blamed for not informing them in the future. It may be a good idea to report the incident anyway and let them decide what to do about it. Sometimes, there may be an officer nearby that can come anyway.

Once the accident is reported to police it is in the system and your insurer or others you apply for quotations in the future will be able to see it. So, you cannot keep quiet about it and settle the damages between yourselves. Even you do so, it may not help in your efforts to refrain from making a claim so that your auto insurance rates don’t increase.

The reports prepared by the officers will be influential document in dealing with any claims. What you or the other driver tell may not match and you both may tend to blame each other. Then, third party accounts like the reports and witness statements will be more telling than your own statement.

You should still give a good account of the incident as you were the party who has seen it unfolding. This will help your insurer fend off any claims against you. This can result in lower or no claim payments depending on who is at fault. In return you may get to keep your low car insurance premiums for a little longer.

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Pay As You Go Auto Insurance Policies

The term pay as you go is commonly associated with cell phones where you buy credit and use until it runs out instead of the monthly contracts. The same idea has been available for some time in car insurance as well. It works a little different but the thinking behind and the fundamental points are the same. You only pay as much as you use or drive.

The first company that started this program was Progressive. They required motorists to install a device on their vehicles called SnapShot. This gadget transmitted information back to the company about your driving habits and auto usage. They could record day, time and distance you drove as well as general speeding and braking patterns.

pay as you go vehicle insuranceThis program is ideal for people who cannot otherwise get good rates. You may be a young driver with no or little driving history. Or you may be involved in an accident recently and therefore your premiums are coming up real expensive. One way of proving that you are actually better than they assume you are is to show them. Allowing companies record your activities is a good way of letting them see that you are low risk.

After fitting this tool you may want to keep your driving to minimum. A regular travels to work and home and no late night driving should keep you going and keep the costs minimal. The idea is to get through this expensive automobile insurance period and enjoy lower rates again. Once you have a solid year without an accident or traffic ticket you should be able to find decent car insurance quotes in a more conventional way.

There are other companies and programs now on the market like State Farm OnStar program that basically offer similar facilities. The good thing is that you now have several other choices to consider and see which one is less intrusive and more beneficial. It is normal to be concerned for the fact that someone is monitoring your activities. However, you need to think about the trade offs of it rather than concentrating on one aspect of it.

The applications may vary in several ways. One of them is the way the premiums charged. Some companies may charge you a set premium at the start and demand payment. This amount is than adjusted accordingly to reflect your driving and mileage. You can enjoy the discounts at the end in a way of refunds and lower premiums than onward.

Others may be happy to charge you monthly based on their recordings. If you drive a little this month you pay less. And you pay more the next month if you have taken a long road trip. This option may offer you more immediate rewards that can encourage you to keep it the same way.

When you are struggling with high premiums you shouldn’t take as it comes. You should look at your options. We discussed one way of saving money above and there may be many other methods. You can find them by doing your own research and save.

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Investing in Good Mechanics Can Save on Car Insurance

Have you ever driven a car that you know has problems and is going to breakdown soon? It is a stressful operation and you are always on the edge especially when you have an example or important meeting to get to. This is the type of automobiles we may have to drive when we are a student or just starting our working life. The money is tight and we cannot afford regular maintenance. And probably the vehicle we drive is not worth the money spent on repairs. We want to drive it as far as it goes and dump when it is broken down.

good mechanicMost of us know these feelings very well. However, this has to change when you have a good job, nice car and money in the bank. We should get to the habit of taking our auto for regular maintenance and check up to make sure it operates like a clockwork. This will increase your driving pleasures and confidence in your car.

Furthermore, your auto will last a lot longer since you prevented small repairs turning into big damages on the engine. An engine that sees regular oil and filter change will keep on going for years. So, money spent on maintenance may come back to you in several way including the savings on big repairs in the future.

One of the other way you can save thanks to well maintained automobiles is auto insurance. When you don’t have breakdowns or accidents as a result of them you can keep a clean driving history and no claim record. This will qualify you for further premium savings. It is like a ripple affect and it keeps giving when you have it started with taking good care of your vehicle.

You may want to invest some time to find a reliable mechanic since you are going to be seeing them more often. It is important that you can leave your car with them without worrying. And you should be confident that they are not going to charge you for things that they haven’t done and charge excessive amounts for the works they have done.

If you are self-conscious about the costs and don’t trust the mechanic you may start finding excuses to avoid taking your vehicle to them. This is not good for you or your automobile. A simple oil and filter change shouldn’t really cost you a lot of money. Mechanics are happy to do these works for several reasons.

First of all, it is a regular work and keep their doors open. Secondly they can see other problems with the auto when it is in the garage and alert the owner. This is a good practice that helps owner. If something doesn’t sound right, it can be investigated and the problem fixed before it causes a bigger damages.

Again, if you trust the mechanic you can give them the go ahead and get it fixed. If you are not sure about them and suspecting them to find problems that are non-existent you won’t trust their advice. Then, it may be time to find another mechanic and get a second opinion.

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Are There Ways to Combat Aggressive Teen Driving?

Everyone will have to go through a learning process and teen drivers will take their times. This process will not be easy for all the parties involved. There is no question that parents and auto insurers worry about the way teenagers drive. When you know the statistics there is no way you can sleep until your teenage son/daughter is back home safely.

They cause a lot more accidents compared to mature drivers and this comes as no surprise. When you add inexperience and youth it is understandable that there will be more incidents behind the wheel. But the figures are a lot more significant than that. Youngsters cause four times as much accidents compared to other age groups. They cause more serious and fatal accidents as well.

The risks are increased several folds when other teenagers are in the car. Having one more teenager in the car with a teen driver increases the risks. And it makes it a significant one when several of them in the car and driving at night. You can see how parents would be worried about any crashes and safety of their children.

It is so much so that some join the campaigns for Graduated Driving License programs. They pass young drivers of their driving licensing tests in steps. For example, young drivers are initially allowed to drive but they are not allowed to have any other passenger younger than certain age for some time. They are not allowed to drive on the highway or at night in some parts of the country.

The programs vary in each state as well as the age of driving. Some states allow them to start driving at the age of 14 while others start at 16. The rules and test conditions are different depending on where you live. However, there are encouraging statistics that Graduated Driving License laws work in reducing teenage road accidents and deaths.

test drivingYoungsters are more aggressive behind the steering wheel and this can lead to speeding and failure to slow down when the dangerous are apparent. Generally, they are not very good at handling the curves on the roads and end up in a ditch on the side of the road. They think they are invisible but they are not and it is difficult to tell them to calm down.

However, they need to be talked about the risks they are taking. Parents may want to talk to them without causing an up-rise. They also need to keep a few dangerous practices like texting in control. There are apps to turn the cell phones automatically when the vehicle in motion or turn them off remotely. Parents should check and discuss their options with their children.

On the one hand you cannot prevent them from driving just because you are worried about them. On the other hand you need to manage the risks as much as you can. Maybe spending more time with them and practicing driving would help. You can write down the mistakes you see and talk about them when you are at home. If all fails you may need to consider asking them to carry on their driving instructions with a professional a little longer.

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Using Billfloat to Make your Insurance Payment

When you buy an insurance policy you sign a contract and it usually includes terms of payment as well. You have to keep your end of the bargain to keep your policy going. If you don’t pay the premiums you cannot expect the insurer to compensate your losses when you have a claim. It is a simple system that has been operated for years.

So, what really happens if you are late on your payments? This depends on the practice followed by your insurer, stated in your policy or imposed upon by the state you live in. As a general rule your coverage can be cancelled when the payment doesn’t arrive in due date. Some companies may allow you to get back on cover once you pay the money and others may require you to get a new quote that may be more expensive.

However, some companies may offer a grace period of about two weeks and sometimes up to a month to pay the arrears. They may however charge you additional fees for late payment processing. If they have stated in the policy documents that they will offer you this period it is great for you. But it should never be abused by being constantly late. They can refuse to offer you installment option from next renewal if you are constantly late.

If you don’t have this provision in your policy documents you should assume that your coverage will be cancelled or left to the mercy of the provider once you are late. Some state authorities may require companies to offer some sort of grace period after a payment missed as well. Then companies need to follow those guidelines.

There is another way of making sure that you don’t miss your payment. A new company in the name of BillFloat from San Francisco offer their customers an open credit for payments of their due bills. But they only offer this for small amounts. In practice you tell them about your bill, when it is due and to whom and they will pay it for you in the due date and they will allow you another 30 days to pay the money back to them.

This may be seen a great facility when you are short only couple of hundred dollars. They make sure that you don’t miss your payment and your credit score gets protected. You will then have time to deal with the situation and make your account good with the company in 30 days. You are allowed to pay them back whenever you want within this period.

It all looks great but I am sure you have already seen the similarities with pay day loans. The service is not free and you will need to pay them interest the same way as the payday loans. It may still be alright if you are able to settle the debt within the short time you are given. What happens if you cannot pay it back in time? Are you going to carry on with the same cycle over and over and pay a small fortune in the process for the fees and interest?

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Compact Cars & Insuring Them

There are a few misconceptions in auto insurance. People hear from each other and they keep adding to it until it becomes a mambo jumbo and doesn’t even make sense. For example, many say that it is cheaper to insure smaller automobiles. You may think it makes sense and it even rhymes; smaller and cheaper. Why wouldn’t it be true?

Only wish everything was this simple and you could know it straight away by looking at the size of the car exactly how much you are going to pay for insurance premium. However, it is never as simple as that and there are many factors influencing car insurance costs. Surely, the type of automobile you drive plays a very important role.

compact carWhen insurers are looking at cars they normally look at the crash test results. They are mainly concerned about the injuries to drivers and passengers and possible claims they have to pay as a result. If you are in a car that is a bit more than a chair with wheels how can you expect it to protect you in cases of accidents.

A small car may be worth about $10,000 – $15,000 and writing them off wouldn’t concern most insurers. However, hospital bills can reach up to hundreds of thousands and it is only for one person injured. Furthermore, the cost of the auto is a closed ended equation for the companies as they know the maximum amount they will have to pay in a worst case scenario. However injury claims are open-ended as you have no clue or control over how much they are going to be. I hope it is clear that injuries a car can cause is more important than damages they may sustain on their bodies.

Many people may think that they are fun to drive. It is probably the case and they may be perfectly alright to drive in the cities where traffic flows slowly and parking is a real problem. These cars can par in tight spaces and they may be a lot economical to run. Some may even run on electric or may be hybrid. In general they are cheaper to buy, maintain and keep.

It may not be expensive to insure them as well depending on their type, model and manufacturer. What we are trying to explain here is that they are not going to be cheaper to insure just because they are smaller than most automobiles. It may be smart to get an auto insurance quotes before you buy a smart car and see how much it would cost.

Another area of the statistical data that is a concern for insurers is the auto theft and vandalism. If a vehicle is easy to steal they have a problem with it. For example, expensive cars are not easy to steal even though most criminals want them. They have complicated alarm systems and they have tracking systems. Smaller automobiles are not usually made with the theft conscious design or equipment. Some of the models are so easy to break in that small time criminals start practicing their skills on them. In that case, you may be surprised to find out that it is not cheap to insure it.

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